Pre procedure & contraindication


Soho Micropigmentation Recommendations

  • Don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure
  • If you are in your period or feeling unwell try to postpone the appt to avoid extra discomfort 
  • Consult with you artist if you already have an old permanent or semi permanent tattoo in the area to be treated
  • Skin problems 
  • Take certain medications 
  • Avoid 24- 48 prior to the treatment: Fish Oil, Vitamin E, exercise.

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Treatments that are not recommended 30 days before the treatment:

  • Botox- and fillers injected under the area to treat
  • Skin needling
  • Derma rolling
  • Fruits or lactic acids 
  • Laser treatments 
  • Chemical peel
  • Exposure to the strong sunlight 
  • Roaccutane use in the last 6 months. A Doctors note is required


We request a doctor’s consent in writing when:

  • Clients with diabetes may have trouble healing. Typically, it is not a problem for them to have cosmetic tattooing. 
  • Autoimmune disease. 
  • Hypertension Clients may affect the end result. Scabbing will result in excessive loss of pigment (colour).
  • Epilepsy, Diabetes, Hemophilia or heart disease

Avoid cosmetic tattooing if you are under the following Medications:

  • Blood Thinners: Coumadin, Heparin, Aspirin, NSAID’s such as ibuprofen
  •  Anti-histamines:
  •  Blood Pressure Medications and diuretics
  •  Diabetes Medications:
  •  Pain-Killers (can’t drive; decrease awareness of symptoms of complications from permanent makeup such as corneal abrasions)
  •  Sleeping Pills
  • Dermatological: Accutane or Retin-A can cause skin to not accept pigment colour evenly or at all.
  • Hormone replacements: some side effects on skin pigmentation can occur with hormones. 
  • Antibiotics
  • Arthritis

We do not tattoo:

  • Over any skin defect, such as psoriasis, rashes, abnormal skin textures, moles, dermatitis, bruising, swelling or any infected area. glaucoma, blood disorders such as haemophilia, sickle cell anaemia and platelet disorders 
  • We do not tattoo pregnant or nursing mothers.

After care

(2 weeks)


Post treatment care makes 70% of total treatment success, we strongly recommended follow the after care advise otherwise you can lose 80% of drawn strokes 

  • Pigment is very dark during the first 4 days them it loses up to 40% of it intensity (be patient). 
  • For the first 30 min wipe the area repetitively with a wet cotton pads, in order to prevent formation of scabs
  • Then apply the prescribed cream 5 times a days during 3 days (set an alarm) 
  • We recommend applying the cream for the first 2 nights and then stick a piece of film wrap over the brows and sleep with it, to keep them moist whole night 
  • Keep applying the cream for another 10 days 3 times a days 
  • The brows must not get wet while washing the face or having a shower 
  • During the healing process (2 weeks) avoid saunas, pools, beaches, make up in the brow area, skin care products, facials, and  exercise that cause excessive sweating, 
  • In the next 30 days avoid: sun tanning, sunbeds, laser, IPL, chemical peeling because they can destroy the pigment and cause inflammation 

Faster fading out of pigment can happen if the client uses antibiotics or hormonal therapy 

Always protect your brows from the sun by using sun protection cream

Some itchy is normal, don’t rub or peel them.

For all additional questions or problems please contact your artist

Microblading healing stages

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